Energy – Fun – Education – Action

Are you looking for a motivational speaker that can help you improve your leadership skills? Do you want to be able to effectively lead a team that you can help grow into a productive, happy, and efficient workforce? Motivational Speaker and Leadership coach, Tina Persson, shares the kind of critical advice that only comes from years of experience and training.

Throughout her life and experiences, Tina has come to understand high-performing professionals and how to support them in their leadership journey. She is a high-performing, energetic and hard-working professional that leads her team with the mindset, ‘Treat others how you expect to be treated.’

In the past, Tina never expected anyone to ask her how she felt, and in turn, she did not ask others how they felt. However, she was forced to change her mindset when she got sick and began to realize the number of career opportunities she was missing out on due to her flawed way of thinking.

Through her speeches and presentations, Tina draws on the lessons she has learned throughout her personal and professional life. She tells personal stories of how these lessons have helped her become an effective and empowering leader. Tina grew up in a non-academic home, so it took a leap of faith and a lot of hard work to become a PhD student. She went on to finish her studies, start a successful business, and build up a long list of achievements. Not only was Tina the first in her family to have studied at university, but she was also the first to start her own company.

As an inspirational speaker and leadership coach, she now hopes to pass these experiences and lessons on to others, along with some tips aimed at helping professionals navigate the path to becoming great leaders.

Tina delivers her speeches in a high-energy, fun, and educational way to engage any audience.

Keynote speaker at US Pharma