Meet Tina

Tina Persson, PhD, is a multifaceted and experienced ICF Certified Leadership Coach, Certified Assessment Specialist (The Five-Factor Model, LUMINA Spark, and Birkman), Author, and Entrepreneur. She has earned a reputation as a dynamic leader through her creativity, confidence, tenacity, and unique approach to personal development. She is also a sought-after speaker, who facilitates and develops workshops that can  empower anyone to grow to their fullest potential as a leader. 

After spending 20 years in academia as scientist and leader, Tina entered the corporate world. There, she spent more than 8 years working as a  Recruiter, Branch Manager, and Consultant Manager. Alongside her corporate career, her unwavering entrepreneurial spirit and business mind-set created an opportunity that she knew she could achieve. Tina now  proudly serves as the Founder of Passage2Pro AB and Aptahem AB (a biotech start-up),. She has been featured in over 20 scientific publications and is the inventor of 2 scientific patents. To add to her long list of achievements, Tina is also the  founder and host of the PhD Career Stories podcast.

As an executive leadership coach, Tina has supported 1000+ higher professionals in their leadership journey, and performed 500+ assessments to entangle and pave the way for their career success stories. Tina’s multifaceted background, creativity and experience as coach have allowed her to transform her clients, and guide them along a path of self improvement using a  series of important steps and manageable goals. Her approach aims to grow her clients’ skills, and help them build a long-lasting trust in their own abilities. She teaches her clients how to use goal-setting and people-skills to become successful leaders in any organization or business.


Becoming the best version of myself in business and life was a long journey packed with many hard lessons 

Being an optimistic woman with an endless amount of energy and a hard-working mindset, I often found myself thinking, “What could go wrong?” However, between constantly working exceptionally hard and waiting to be appreciated or for someone to take note of my achievements, I neglected one really important lesson: learning who I really was and what my needs were.   It took me, as a professional, over 20 years to understand that self-awareness, social and people skills, are powerful if not necessary skills for a successful career and for growing as a leader. An interest in people and a fundamental knowledge of their abilities and needs, as well as the ability to communicate these needs on an interdepartmental level, will ultimately define you as a leader. 

Great leaders are good communicators; they work with and through people. It was only when I realized that I couldn’t communicate my own needs, that I took the decision to change my career and grow as an individual, which would ultimately result in me growing as a leader. Today, I am not afraid to fail, or to make mistakes that might affect my business. I see it as a learning curve and a road towards something bigger. This is why I encourage my team members to take the same approach: work hard, but don’t be afraid to make mistakes (as long as you learn from them).  Taking an active approach to team and individual awareness, I strive to open up new opportunities for people who want to grow in their business and in life but may not have realized their potential. It’s my belief that anyone who is willing to take the decision to grow as a person will ultimately grow as a leader. Future work-life will demand a new wave of future leaders, and for that, we need new aspiring talents, taking ownership of their personal and team growth.


Organizational growth starts with individual transformation and growth. Bring the best out of your leaders.

Individual transformation to fuel the leadership role

Happy and confident leaders create positive energy within teams

Turn leaders’ weaknesses into their strengths

Build leaders that know how to improve engagement and performance in teams

Drive your company performance by supporting your leaders with their personal growth

Why Chose Tina

ICF Certified Coach with over 3000+ coaching hours on global level
Performed 300+ Workshops on global level
Over 8 years business experience in the recruitment business as Recruiter, Headhunter and Manager
Entrepreneur and founder of a Biotech company Aptahem, and a Podcast
20 years in academia as scientists and as group leader
Certified Assessments Specialist using cutting edge HR tools using data-driven tests and analyses that are scientifically validated and designed to be custom friendly to generate measurable results.
Certified to deliver LUMINA Spark, Birkman, The Big Five model and a 360-model
Active in several Coach Communities on global level to continue learning and for building a global network of experts in the field