How to be a dynamic leader now and in the future

Building leaders is an investment and will define how you succeed to retain and recruit high performing top talents to your team.

Tina Persson, PhD is a multifaceted and experienced ICF Certified Leadership Coach, Certified Assessment Specialist, Author, and Entrepreneur. Her creativity, confidence, and tenacity have earned her the reputation of being a dynamic leader. As coach Tina has supported 1000+ higher professionals, performed 500+ assessments to entangle and pave the way for their career success stories.
Drive your company performance by transforming and building your leaders
Coaching for leaders and team to boost engagement and company spirit

Keynot and virtual speaking

Are you looking for a motivational speaker that can help you improve your leadership skills?

Through her speeches and presentations, Tina draws on the lessons she has learned throughout her personal and professional life. She tells personal stories of how these lessons have helped her become an effective and empowering leader.


To Tina Persson Phd for sharing the phenomenal and insightful talk at "Webinar - 2nd United Conference of Generic Medicine, Biosimilars and Vaccines".

United Pharma Journals and Conferences on November 11th, 2021

I Decided to Change


The top 5 ranked journal ”Engineering Practice” recognized Tina Persson

The ROI of Coaching

Tina helps manager to better understand their own needs, and to use their natural strengths to reach their full potential. She makes them achieve their goals by using coaching, and scientifically proven and measurable tools to improve organizational engagement and performance.


Our virtual online training formats are designed for groups and teams working remotely. Through the session we will share material, engage the group in classroom set-up, smaller virtual groups and in peer-to-peer activities. We will also perform assessments and create action plans to improve awareness both on individual and group level.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a creative process to maximize and un-lock personal and professional potential. It’s forward thinking, goal, and action oriented. Coaching is personal and the process is about YOU.


We use evidence based cutting edge HR-tools to make our clients become the better version of themselves. Our self-assessments tool helps you to identify personality traits, blind spots, needs, and behavior that you might be unaware stopping you from becoming a successful leaders or team member.

Why Chose Tina

ICF Certified Coach with over 3000+ coaching hours on global level
Performed 300+ Workshops on global level
Over 8 years business experience in the recruitment business as Recruiter, Headhunter and Manager
Entrepreneur and founder of a Biotech company Aptahem, and a Podcast
20 years in academia as scientists and as group leader
Certified Assessments Specialist using cutting edge HR tools using data-driven tests and analyses that are scientifically validated and designed to be custom friendly to generate measurable results.
Certified to deliver LUMINA Spark, Birkman, The Big Five model and a 360-model
Active in several Coach Communities on global level to continue learning and for building a global network of experts in the field